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Director / Invited Guests' Comments Posts

Auckland Transport. You got this one right!

10:00 AM, 20 February 2017

The fall of geographical barriers has seen New Zealand businesses compete increasingly against global entities in their own backyard - and for many, their chances are overshadowed by lowest cost metrics.  But what if we supported Government and Public Sector Procurement Rule 22 for non-price criteria to be applicable to all involved in the project - not just the main contractor?  Could this even the play field? 

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Fair and free trade for all - Feb 2017

1:35 PM, 7 February 2017

The news lines are hot with talks of trade now that Donald Trump has been inaugurated as President of the United States of America.  So where does New Zealand sit in all of this? And most importantly, how will his thoughts on fair and free trade affect our metals industry?  Join us as we take a closer look...

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2016 - Engineering industry year in review - Dec 2016

11:52 AM, 5 December 2016

2016 has been an encouraging year, fuelled by an exceptional demand in steel construction in response to rebuild and immigration pressures, while international steel price development has helped drop the value of landed heavy steel to as much as 25% this year. ...

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"Use it or lose it" - Pressure Equipment Workshop 2016 - Nov 2016

11:42 AM, 2 November 2016

The Pressure Equipment Workshop 2016 provided a unique opportunity for a diverse industry sector to meet and discuss its issues. HERA Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz consulted with industry representatives on the future of the industry and presented its findings in the Opening Address...

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Chairman's Comment: HERA Executive update - Oct 2016

2:58 PM, 5 October 2016

The new HERA Chairman Mike Lehan takes this opportunity to update on what is on HERA’s Agenda for the year ahead...

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Industry News Posts

We remember February 22, 2011

11:35 AM, 22 February 2017

Today we remember February 22, 2011 - and reconfirm our commitment to continue to drive research that helps our communities remain resilient and safe in the face of future seismic events.

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PO Trust project moving full steam ahead

10:00 AM, 14 February 2017

We've been working hard to deliver a bespoke geothermal heat resource expertise to our project partners Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust to support their hopes to create a unique spa facility run by renewable energy.  Connecting with the local iwi to intertwine their knowledge with our ORC technology - we believe together we can drive economic growth and opportunity for the Rotorua community.

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Empowering youth through our AGGAT program

10:00 AM, 9 February 2017

Many people make up the fabric of HERA – from our Executive Board, right through to our management team and student interns.  And starting from today, we want to help you get a better sense of the people behind the expertise and support we provide you, starting with our newest intern - Hussein Salman.

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Looking to future pathways

10:00 AM, 8 February 2017

Being brave isn't supposed to be easy - but its the key to moving forward!  No truer words can be spoken when it comes to supporting transformational R&D in renewable energy technologies - and its the very mantra our AGGAT team live by in their pursuit to drive organic rankine cycle research forward and innovate in harnessing low temperature geothermal and waste heat sources for conversion into clean energy.

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Our Industry Development GM is moving on

1:37 PM, 1 February 2017

Our Industry Development General Manager Nick Inskip is moving on to different pastures - so while its sad to see him go, we know the show must go on!  Internally we've been working hard to ensure we're able to continue on 'business as usual' - making positive changes along the way. Join us as we wish Nick well...

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NZ Welding Centre News Posts

Going digital to break down learning barriers

9:11 AM, 15 February 2017

It’s that time of year where we welcome a new round of student interns to our team – and our latest addition Tobias Kick has hit the ground running as he works to help develop the e-learning component of our welding technology course.

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Welding of reinforcing bar

1:23 PM, 29 January 2017

Reinforced concrete structures often use the “seismic” grade of reinforcing bar 500E (to AS/NZS 4671). The designation “500E” means the rebar must meet specific requirements in regards to mechanical properties to ensure the bar will have adequate performance under earthquake loading...

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New AS-NZS 5131 Fabrication and Erection Standard - Structural steelwork

11:25 AM, 5 December 2016

A significant milestone for New Zealand structural steel industry has been achieved with the approval of the new standard AS/NZS 5131 Fabrication and Erection of Steel. HERA and SCNZ in cooperation with the Australian Steel Institute also developed the Structural Steelwork Fabrication and Erection Code of Practice...

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Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Training Courses now available at HERA in 2017

11:14 AM, 5 December 2016

Non Destructive Testing techniques are essential to evaluate compliance of the component with the applicable manufacturing standard or assess in-service condition of the equipment. HERA, in collaboration with the Australasian industry leader in NDT training, ATTAR, is now offering regular NDT training courses in New Zealand...

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HERA training programme for 2017

10:44 AM, 5 December 2016

This month, 12 professionals complete their training programme in welding inspection leading to national and international qualifications: the CBIP Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), and the globally-recognised IIW International Welding Inspector Basic (IWI-B) and International Welding Inspector Standard (IWI-S)...

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Structural Systems News Posts

Playing nice for the greater good

10:00 AM, 13 February 2017

New Zealand's built environment has seen its fair share of challenges from seismic events in Canterbury through to increased infrastructure demands from population growth in Auckland.  It's become clear that if we're to successfully face these tests head on, working together will be key - because while competition makes us faster, collaborating makes us better. That's why we're fostering the importance of designers and structural engineers connecting in the early stages of projects if we're to make a difference... 

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Connecting with the greatest minds in structural engineering

1:29 PM, 30 January 2017

HERA is proud to have joined forces with Mageba to assist AECOM Principal Engineer and Steel Bridge Designer Liam Edwards to attend the 19th Congress of IABSE in Stockholm Sweden late last year...

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ACRS update on 'Pending' sites

1:19 PM, 28 January 2017

Due to prevailing market dynamics and the recent Christmas period production shutdowns at some certified firms, some due ACRS assessments remain to be completed and ACRS will be undertaking these outstanding site assessments during January and February as quickly as possible...

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New Zealand comments required on new composite design standard for multi-storey buildings AS/NZS 2327

11:30 AM, 5 December 2016

The first joint New Zealand and Australian composite design standard DR AS/NZS 2327 has recently been published for public comment. The public comment period will continue until 24 January 2017 and electronic copies of the draft standard can be freely downloaded...

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HERA seeks input for steel structure performance study on Kaikoura earthquake

11:19 AM, 5 December 2016

HERA understands that the 14th November Kaikoura earthquake was a sequence of ruptures with a combined magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale and the EQ load was well above the serviceability limit state and, therefore, design conditions were applied, with expected damage to building structures. Feedback received so far indicates damage to the largest proportion of multi-storey structures appears to be confined to reinforced concrete structures...

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Information Centre News Posts

PART 3: Member survey results - connecting with the digital cloud

1:00 PM, 27 June 2016

We're sharing Week 3 of insights gained from our member surveys - and it’s all about the one thing that scares many of us… entering the digital world.  So: what’s all the fuss about?  How can online presence help us?  And, why should we change the way we’ve always communicated?

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PART 2: Member survey results - our new walk, talk and feel

12:18 PM, 20 June 2016

It’s week 2 for sharing our results for the member survey.  We’ve already started the journey strongly – better understanding how to improve our member value and address your areas of concern.

Today, we’re exploring how your feedback is challenging the way we walk, talk and feel, and what we need to do to become a stronger industry voice for you - so you're more compelled to engage with us.

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PART 1: Member survey results - improving value

10:42 AM, 13 June 2016

We're on a mission to make some positive changes in the way HERA delivers and communicates to our members - and our first step to success was asking you what we needed to do to serve the metals industry better. We take a closer look at the feedback we received around improving membership value - drawing conclusions from trending responses and making plans to address areas of concern and grow on our existing strengths...

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HERA Executive Elections - Have Your Say and Vote

11:10 AM, 6 August 2015

HERA Ordinary Member contact people will have received their voting papers for the nominees to the vacant HERA Executive position. Voting closes on the 12th of August...

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Congrats to BCD Group Ltd on 5th Birthday and Harrison Grierson on their 130th Anniversary

9:02 AM, 6 August 2015

Two HERA members recently had significant celebrations...

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