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Director / Invited Guests' Comments Posts

Reflections of the first week from our new CEO Dr Troy Coyle

10:00 AM, 12 January 2018

Having just completed her first week on the job as the new CEO of HERA, Dr Troy Coyle takes the time to reflect on her experiences so far.

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Merry Christmas and happy new year! - Dec 2017

11:33 AM, 21 December 2017

Our departing Director Wolfgang Scholz shares with us his take on the year and wishes all members and industry colleagues a merry Christmas and happy new year...

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Leading triple bottom line in New Zealand's outback - Calder Stewart Steel, Milton

10:00 AM, 29 November 2017

Join our Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz as he shares his thoughts on fair trade. A commentary inspired by his recent visit to our member company Calder Stewarts innovative and forward thinking facilities. Triple bottom line reporting is the future!

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Welcome to the driver's seat Jacinda - but are you still driving the same car?

10:00 AM, 25 October 2017

We’re on the verge of a new way forward - with Jacinda Ardern at the lead of a Labour, NZ First and Green coalition. But will they honour their election policies? Join our Director Wolfgang Scholz as he dares colour in the lines around this and unpack what it could all mean for our members!

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The Challenge of imported steelwork

10:00 AM, 10 October 2017

Join our Director Wolfgang Scholz as he explores the recently announced liquidation of Christchurch Challenge Steel and highlights the risks associated with using imported fabricated steel in our seismic structures in New Zealand.

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Industry News Posts

Celebrating 40 Years of HERA and a change of guard

10:00 AM, 17 January 2018

40 years ago, HERA was officially constituted. Fast forward to 2018 we're now taking the time to look back and celebrate this rich history, as well as acknowledge the incredible contributions our newly retired Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz gave to HERA in his 31 years of service. We invite all members, stakeholders and key supporters to join us 16 March at HERA House for this celebration.

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HERA honours battler for NZ manufacturing

10:00 AM, 15 January 2018

After coming to terms with the sad news of Jim Anderton’s passing last week, our Director Emeritus looks back on his political influence on our metals industry.

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HERA member takes mentoring to another level

9:11 AM, 18 December 2017

When six Wintec Māori and Pasifika engineering students volunteered for work experience at HERA member Longveld recently, they got to work on a very special project...

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Marine energy is out there, but when will we start recovering it?

10:00 AM, 11 December 2017

Last week it was great for our Marketing & Communications Kim Nugent to attend Aotearoa’s Wave and Tidal Energy Assocations AGM in Wellington as a member of the Board. Join us as we recap on the events of the day.

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HERA welcomes new CEO - Dr Troy Coyle

10:00 AM, 4 December 2017

Although we're sad to say goodbye to our long standing Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz, we're equally excited to announce our new CEO - Dr Troy Coyle. Starting at the beginning of next year, she's no stranger to our organisation - and we look forward to seeing her fresh energy injected into our strategic focuses.

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NZ Welding Centre News Posts

Notice - Welding of non-AS/NZS steels to AS/NZS 1554.1

10:00 AM, 6 November 2017

Increasingly we’re seeing a rise in the use of steel from overseas manufacturers to other standards than AS/NZS 1554.1.  That’s why our Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock would like to highlight the top two things you should consider if working with “alternative” or “not-prequalified” steel.

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Revision of AS/NZS 2980 Welder Qualification Standard Draft for public comment

11:33 AM, 4 October 2017

AS/NZS 2980, our most widely used welder qualification standard, is up for revision. The draft for public comment can be accessed at the Standards NZ website. AS/NZS 2980:2017 is intended to provide a “soft” transition to AS/NZS ISO 9606.1 rather than a relatively sudden complete changeover...

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Revised rules to transition arrangements for IIW Qualifications

11:22 AM, 12 September 2017

From 1st September 2017 onwards, anyone meeting Transition Arrangements (TA) requirements, can apply for the IIW qualification on TA to the HERA Authorised National Body...

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A major milestone struck in our seismic testing on stainless

3:00 PM, 2 August 2017

We’re pleased to announce we’ve completed our first seismic tests on moment resisting stainless steel connections -  to give stainless steel the same freedom of carbon for architects and designers.

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There's a new kid on the 'welding' block!

9:44 AM, 9 June 2017

We’d like to introduce you to our latest team member, Intern Thomas Karstens - who joins us from his university based in Germany for six months.  For us, it’s a great way to foster international collaboration and support the future of our industry through career development – and we look forward to the contributions he’ll make.

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Structural Systems News Posts

Six year success story - AS/NZS 2327 is across the line!

10:00 AM, 20 December 2017

After six years of hard work, we’re proud to announce that AS/NZS 2327 has been published in collaboration with our Australian colleagues. A standard designed to ensure our New Zealand steel sector remains competitive in a global market.

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SESOC deliver a pathway in 'Securing the future'

10:00 AM, 13 November 2017

At the beginning of the month our Structural Engineering team had the great opportunity to attend the SESOC conference in Wellington. Discussing not only the role structural engineers play in communities - but in the standard of buildings we deliver.

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Project review: Duo Ophir Rocher Mixed Development - ballroom tuned mass damper analysis

10:00 AM, 1 November 2017

Join us as we launch our new member offering Project@HERA - a way of sharing great projects from our industry.  This time the spotlight is on Project Duo - a fantastic example of how our member Beca Group and HERA joined forces to provide confidence in this major multi-storey steel framed building in Singapore.

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MBIE consultation: building code verification method B1/VM1 update and proposed loop bar ban 2017

3:00 PM, 30 September 2017

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has released a consultation document on several proposals to the Building code verification method B1/VM1 and we feel you should have your say for these are important changes for the steel industry…

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Call for comments for SNZ TS 3404:2017 Durability requirements for steel structures and components

8:15 AM, 27 September 2017

HERA was involved in the development of the new stand-alone technical specification SNZ TS 3404:2017 Durability requirements for steel structures and components to supersede NZS 3404.1:2009 Chapter 5 Corrosion Protection...

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Information Centre News Posts

Christmas and holiday wishes from the team @HERA

8:07 AM, 18 December 2017

HERA House will be closed from 11am Friday 22 December, and reopening Monday 8 January 2018 - We wish all our members, industry colleagues, staff and families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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AS/NZS 1554.3:2014 A1 Structural steel welding - Pt 3: Welding of reinforcing steel amendment

3:00 PM, 9 November 2017

Standards Australia was alerted that the 2014 editions within the AS/NZS 1554 suite contained material that was included without adherence to Standards Australia’s standards development processes. To ensure that the AS/NZS 1554 suite of standards remain trusted documents, Standards Australia issue correction amendments regularly to remedy the breach of process...

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We're stripping off to bare a new us!

10:00 AM, 15 June 2017

Jun 15: The time has come  for us to shake things up, so next month we're looking forward to showcasing a new HERA that's more dynamic, authoritative and approachable.  Get ready for the change!

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Moving forward by looking back

10:56 AM, 24 April 2017

Apr 24: Change is a part of every organisation and at HERA. we've initiated the biggest changes in our look and feel in 30 years. We don't want you to be left behind, so read more to find out how we can best keep in touch with you, and how we can help you maintain a finger on the pulse of our industry as we go forward...

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Call for photos - We want your steel and composite bridge photo!

10:24 AM, 1 March 2017

Mar 1: Your steel and composite bridge could be on the cover of the latest AS/NZS bridge standard coming out soon. Send in your photos today!

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