New Zealand Coating Industry Checklist

In the last 10 years, a number of publications have become available that provide designers with the required guidance for determining the atmospheric corrosivity category from which the appropriate protective coating system can be specified. As part of the continued innovation and improving reliability of protective coating systems and their application, the Steel Bridge Development Group, in co-operation with members of the Coating Industry, has developed the “New Zealand Coating Industry Checklist”.

This Checklist outlines the required information that is needed for the correct specification, application and inspection of coating systems, which is referenced to the appropriate Standard. The Checklist is part of a Coating Application Accreditation Scheme that will be implemented over the next 5 years. The aim of the Scheme is to provide confidence to the Client and Designer that the specified coating system will perform as expected in service.   

At this stage, it is recommended that designers should use the Checklist for infrastructure projects. The Checklist will be regulated by the Asset Manager, such as NZTA, ONTRACK and Watercare for their respective projects. Designers are encouraged to use the Checklist for other projects on a voluntary basis.

For assistance on the use of the Checklist or for further information on the Scheme, contact Raed El Sarraf on 09 262 4756 or via  email.

For your free PDF copy of the New Zealand Coating Industry Checklist, click here.