New Zealand Welding Centre


The New Zealand Welding Centre (NZWC) was established in 1986 and is a division of HERA with the specific aim to cover the advancement of welding and joining technology across the NZ metal fabrication industry. NZWC is the New Zealand representative member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).





The mission of NZWC is to act as the catalyst for innovation supporting member companies by research, education and quality assurance in metals fabrication.



Value proposition


HERA’s NZWC brings members companies together to deliver:

  • A platform for research and collaboration
  • Solutions to challenging technical problems
  • A forum for the exchange of ideas
  • Staff training and career development
  • World-class quality assurance solutions
  • A voice to promote the interests of the welding industry





Specialised welding-related research covering process development, seismic and fatigue design, inspection and testing, productivity, durability aspects as well as other areas.





NZWC offers expert seminars and courses covering a wide range of welding engineering related topics. More than 4000 professionals attended NZWC technical seminars since 1989. The current range of courses includes a popular AS 2214 Welding Supervisor course and International Welding Inspector IWI-B and IWI-S Courses that are also central to the Steel Fabricator Certification Scheme (SFC) that is jointly developed by HERA and SCNZ. The training is provided by the HERA Training Centre; a HERA ANB Approved Training Body (ATB).





To maintain a competitive edge, New Zealand industry requires a skilled work force provided through tertiary education. The industry also needs welding coordination and welding inspection staff with specific technical knowledge that is not usually available within a standard technical education. This is a unique and very important niche market that has been successfully filled by HERA ANB the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body (ANB) for New Zealand. HERA ANB implements the training and examination requirements for international and national welding-related qualifications.



Technical Support


NZWC provides technical support and a hotline engineering services to the member companies to address their immediate and longer term problems.





NZWC represents members companies on the joint Standards Australia and New Zealand Welding Committee WD003. It has on-going commitment to the development and review of the key welding-related standards such as AS/NZS 1554 series and AS/NZS 2980.





The Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme ensures certified New Zealand fabricators manufacture structural steelwork according to international best practice. Developed by HERA and Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ), SFC is based on the European system, which forms part of the CE marking regulatory environment and represents international best practice.



Welding tools


Coming soon. Watch HERA news.





Michail Karpenko

Peter Hayward

Michail Karpenko
Dr.-Ing., IWE
Welding Centre Manager
+64 (9) 262 4849
email Michail
Alan McClintock
Senior Welding Engineer
+64 (9) 262 4840
email Alan
Holger Heinzel
Dipl.-Ing. (ME)
Mechanical Engineer
+64 (9) 262 4755
email Holger
Peter Hayward
NDT Specialist
+64 (9) 262 2885
email Peter


First round of Non Destructive Testing training courses at HERA successful with more coming

HERA, in collaboration with the Australasian industry leader in NDT training ATTAR, conducted a series of training courses in February including Ultrasonic Testing Level 1, and Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing, Level 2...

Seismic tests on moment resisting stainless steel connections

A project led by a multinational research team including researchers from the University of Auckland, HERA, NZSSDA and external Expert Advisor Prof Pingsha Dong of the University of Michigan, USA, and sponsored by Stainless Structurals Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of MONTANSTAHL, is evaluating performance of welded moment resisting connections (MRC) made of laser welded stainless steel sections under low cycle (seismic) fatigue...

AS 2214 Welding Supervisor course proves its value with excellent attendance

Effective quality management systems for welded fabrication rely on competent staff – people with the knowledge and ability to ensure welding and fabrication operations are cost-effective. HERA provides education and training for members whose staff have responsibility for the supervision and inspection of welded fabrication, and the qualification of welding procedures and welders...

Scholarships set to drive SFC certification engagement

It's a great time for the SFC scheme, with SCNZ’s recent announcement that they’ll be offering 15 training scholarships in their commitment to support the steel construction industry in becoming certified - access to HERA’s AS/NZS 2214 Welding Supervisor course has never been more achievable!

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