Metals Industry Conferences

Since 2002, HERA has been organising the Metals NZ Industry Conference (previously known as the NZ Metals Industry Conference), which has traditionally garnered an attendance of 300+ and attracted as many as 36 industry exhibitors, 20 keynote speakers and 120 speakers per conference.

Highlights of the Conference are the Industry Tours/company visits, Welcome Function, Opening Ceremony usually by a Government official, Breakout sessions and Metals Industry Awards Gala Dinner.

Besides the industry- and business networking-related elements, the social side of the Conference has also been a popular hit with attendees, in particular the Metals Industry Awards Gala Dinner sponsored by Conference Gold Sponsor New Zealand Steel.

Previous Conferences:

Metals Week 2015 - Auckland

Metals NZ Industry Conference 2013 - Tauranga

5th Metals Indstry Conference 2011 - Wellington

4th Metals Industry Conference 2008 - Auckland

3rd Metals Industry Conference 2006 - Hamilton

2ndMetals Industry Conference 2004 - Christchurch

1stMetals Industry Conference 2002 - Rotorua