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Asset Management


Whether this is finding ways to reducethe clientfacility costs or improve the reliability ofits facilities,SKM life cycle approach will add significant value tothe clientbusiness.

These services include:

Facility Assessment and Evaluation

  1. Asset Management Plans for individual assets and entire portfolios
  2. Creation of asset registers and asset management systems
  3. Portfolio analysis and benchmarking
  4. Development of Asset Management Guidelines
  5. Linking of asset management systems to geo spatial applications
  6. Lifecycle Assessment
  7. Due diligence reports for vendors and prospectively investors
  8. Building condition, compliance and OH&S assessments
  9. Essential services identification, scheduling and maintenance management
  10. Disability discrimination assessments and recommendations


  1. Environmentally sustainable development
  2. Energy audits and efficiency improvements
  3. Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Engineering
  4. Civil and Structural Engineering
  5. Vertical transportation services
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