HERA-ATTAR Magnetic Particle Lvl 2

20 Feb 17-24 Feb 17
9:00 AM-5:00 PM
HERA House, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

HERA in collaboration with Advanced Technology Testing and Research (ATTAR) is delivering Magnetic Particle, Level 2 Non Destructive Testing (NDT) training to New Zealand companies. Download the registration form HERE.

Course Overview
Magnetic Particle inspection is used to identify surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron. The technique uses the principle that magnetic lines of force (flux) will be distorted by the presence of a discontinuity. Discontinuities (for example, cracks) are located from the flux distortion following the application of fine magnetic particles to the area under test. 

Learning Outcomes
1.      Prepare inspection areas for magnetic particle testing

       Inspection areas are identified, cleaned and prepared for testing using appropriate procedures and materials
       Preparation processes are carried out in accordance with the relevant procedures, statutory and OH&S requirements
       Inspection areas are visually assessed and obvious discontinuities are identified

2.      Perform magnetic particle testing
       The most appropriate magnetic particle test for the material/application is selected
       Testing equipment is selected and prepared in accordance with standards and/or procedures
       Magnetic particle test is carried out in accordance with relevant standards specifications and OH&S requirements
       Magnetic particle testing equipment is checked for defects, maintained and stored in accordance with procedures, OH&S requirements and manufacturer instruction       

3.      Interpret and report the results of magnetic particle test(s)
       Indications are assessed and defects are detected and classified in accordance with national and international codes and standards.
       Defects are confirmed in accordance with enterprise procedures and industry practices.
       Test results are reported in accordance with  enterprise procedures, accepted industry practices and customer service requirements

Career Opportunities

  • Service Inspection Companies
  • Smelters & Foundries
  • Rolling & Forging Mills
  • Petro Chemical & Refineries
  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Government Bodies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Research & Development Facilities
  • Education & Training
  • Equipment Manufacture & Sales
  • Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment 

5 days, 40 hours 

20th to 24th February 2017 

AS/ISO9712 specifies the training, assessment and experience requirements for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel.  As a Registered Training Organisation and Authorised Qualifying Body for the Australian Institute of Non Destructive Testing (AINDT), ATTAR's training course provides the pathway to qualification and / or certification. 

Included in the course are all the required Level 2 exams, which consists of two theory (general and specific), and one practical exam, a requirement for certification under ISO9712.   NDT certification requirements include vision testing, training, assessment (examination by an Authorised Qualifying Body) and experience; certification is awarded by AINDT. 

Certification Board for Inspection Personnel (CBIP) examination
The course does not include CBIP exams, however they may be arranged after the course. The exam arrangements (application, fees, location and date) must be made with CBIP directly. Subject to CBIP approval, HERA facilities are available for exams after the course.

Course fee
$2,750.00 (includes GST).  Course fees include; training, examinations, course material and supply of equipment required for practical exercises/examination. 

Need to be capable of an independent level of written and spoken English and Year 12 equivalent Trigonometry and Algebra skill. Download the registration form HERE.