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Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-S) Course

Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-S) Course

15 May 17-24 May 17
8:30 AM-5:00 PM
HERA House, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-S) Course

Date: 15 – 24 May 2017

Times: 8:20 AM-4:30 PM daily.

Location: HERA House, Manukau, Auckland City, New Zealand.



The course syllabus covers the welding inspection requirements of Part 2 of the IWI-S Guideline IAB-041r4-16, and CBIP CWI (Ref. CBIP DOCUMENT No PRO-CER-07).

The course does not cover welding process technology (the principles of welding). The welding process topics are covered in the Welding Inspection Part 1 Part 1 (the Welding Supervisor/Welding Technology course) which is to be taken before this course.

Those seeking the IIW IWI-S qualification will need to complete the Course Registration Form 2017, and the Application to Enter the IIW Welding Inspection Course via the Alternative Route Form SF001A.


The Welding Inspector - Standard (IWI-S) is delivered as an eight day (65hr) course. Note that the first 5 days are in common with the IWI-B course.


Examinations for IWI-S will be held on Thursday 25 May 2017 at HERA House.

For CBIP CWI examinations candidates need to apply to CBIP directly.

This course requires proficiency in the comprehension and writing of English as used in the engineering industry, and in basic mathematics, and the ability to write reports.


Please download the Course Registration form 2017 HERE

Please download Alternative Route Form SF001A form HERE

For more information on HERA Welding Supervisor and Inspector courses click HERE