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Questions raised on structural bolts

In a recent Radio NZ interview, concerns were raised on sub-standard structural bolts. As an industry, we rely on fabrication and product standards to provide the appropriate level of workmanship to ensure that design assumptions remain valid and the finished structure achieves the target margin of safety. We are reviewing the current situation on bolt supply and applicable standards...

Why a "she'll be right" attitude doesn't work for Olympic athletes - nor your business

As the Olympic games play out, we take a closer look at the lessons we can draw from the athletes competing, and how we can apply them into our day to day business to win in the New Zealand metals industry.

NZ Heavy Steel Fabrication Sets New Record - Aug 2016

Every year we put together a diagram combining Statistics New Zealand and our internal data to better understand how our industry is performing – and this time around, it’s clear to see consumption of steel subject to the heavy engineering research levy has exceeded 2008 figures set just prior to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)...

A Trans-Tasman success story for bridge design

Taking steps to join forces with Standards Australia has seen us travel a five year road, and we’re delighted to see it all come together as we announce the draft publications availability for public comment for the first harmonized New Zealand and Australian design standard for steel and composite bridges DR AS/NZS 5100.6...

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Welding Inspection Part 1/ Welding Supervisor - Chch

The course leads to the Welding Supervisor qualification AS 2214-2004: Certification of Welding Supervisors - Structural Steel Welding as required for structural steel fabrication to AS/NZS 1554. It also meets the requirements of the welding technology module (WT1) for the IIW International Welding Inspector – Basic (IWI-B) qualification...

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HERA Publication P4001:2013 - Seismic Design of Eccentrically Braced Frames
HERA and SCNZ launched HERA Publication P4001:2013 - Seismic Design of Eccentrically Braced Frames. Order the guide from HERA HERE.

HERA Report R4-100 Update 
The Structural Steelwork Connections Guide HERA Report R4-100 is superseded by SCNZ Report 14:2007 Steel Connect Structural Steel Connections Guide. Contact SCNZ.


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In Focus

Industry policy direction for building product conformance enforced
HERA Director reports on the findings from members responses to endorse or reject a draft policy statement on building product conformance enforcement... Read more

HERA Director's “Factory of the Future” Study Tour Report Now Available for Download

HERA Report R5-58 Factories of the Future – Impressions from a Study Tour to Germany showcasing advanced manufacturing technologies employed in industry there as a case study for the next industrial revolution is available HERE.

HERA commissioned BERL review of Gov't sourcing rules & tender evaluation tool
Read HERA-commissioned BERL int'l literature review HERE. To download BERL Tender Evaluation Tool, click HERE.

New Greenstar steel credit for New Zealand
The new steel credit was published 1st September in the NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC) web site allowing greater recognition of responsible sourcing and the reduction of environmental impacts from using structural steel. Read more...

HERA Notice: What You Must Know if Considering Importing Seismic Resisting Fabricated Steel Structures
HERA has formulated a comprehensive notice advising on achieving compliance of imported fabricated steel within NZ's regulatory framework. Download it HERE.

HERA Geothermal Capability Register now available
The HERA-produced R5-35 Geothermal Capability Register showcases NZ companies with experience in renewable geothermal energy production. Download the document HERE or email to order.