10:00 AM, 7 August 2017

Collaboration continues through ArchEngBuild 2017

We’re pleased to report that for the 6th consecutive year, BRANZ ArchEngBuild 2017 was successfully held at the New Plymouth Council last month. An important workshop that brings together architecture design, engineering and construction. 

Here, final year students from different backgrounds come together from around New Zealand to engage in a three day competition. Developing design projects that encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration through mutual respect and harmonization. In the long term maximising the potential of our built environment.

This year, Annie Tong, (University of Auckland – Architecture), Callum Lamont, (University of Auckland – Engineering) and Sanjeev Ganda, (Victoria University of Wellington – Contract Management) won the trophy.  With their concept The Farm to Table Village. Pitched for a fictional scenario for an ‘Incremental Village’ as part of the Council’s 2030 Live+Work On The Edge economic development project.

For HERA, the strength of this program lies in the way it engrains cooperation as the norm at the beginning of a student’s career. General Manager Structural Systems Dr Stephen Hicks saying this was the very reason why HERA continue to support this event goes on.  

“We’re focused on creating a strong future for the metals industry where architecture, construction materials, structural formation and constructability continues to include steel solutions.”

“What better way to foster this thinking, than working with the very group of people that will be our industries future?” he said.

“It’s just so encouraging to see how these students come together and overcome the complexities of each other’s disciplines to inspire better quality buildings, and I look forward to seeing the value it delivers going forward.”