8:15 AM, 27 September 2017

Call for comments for SNZ TS 3404:2017 Durability requirements for steel structures and components

In August 2017, a SCNZ-led standard development committee, which HERA also takes part in, was established to develop a new technical specification for steel corrosion protection.

Superseding NZS 3404.1:2009 Chapter 5 Corrosion Protection, the new stand-alone technical specification SNZ TS 3404:2017 Durability requirements for steel structures and components will be developed into a document that keeps abreast with the latest international technical advance on this subject, and complies with the latest versions of other relevant standards and industrial guidance, e.g. AS/NZS 5131:2016, AS/NZS 5100.6:2017, AS/NZS 2312:2014, ISO 9223:2012, ISO 9224:2012, NZTA Bridge manual (SP/M/022), and so on.

It is intended to be used to satisfy the durability requirements of the NZ Building Code and NZTA Bridge manual. HERA Report R4-133, 2nd ed, 2011 is referred to in the specification where detailed specific engineering design is required to determine the atmospheric corrosivity category.

The draft specification uses the New Zealand corrosivity maps owned by NIWA and HERA which were cited in R4-133. Updated corrosivity maps will be issued with the specification adopting the latest research data by BRANZ.

Standards NZ has made available a draft specification for public consultation and comment until 16th October 2017. All comments submitted during this period will be reviewed by the development committee before the technical specification is balloted on.

HERA is aware of the increasing amount of enquires over the steel corrosion protection issues encountered by our membership; from design engineers, manufacturers and coating suppliers. This is a good opportunity for your comments to be heard.

Please follow the link below to review the draft and lodge your comments on line before 16th October 2017.

For any enquiries, please email HERA Senior Structural Engineer Jing Cao.