20 – 21 February 2020 | Grand Millennium, Auckland

Visualising the future for our New Zealand metals industry

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Thursday 20 February, 12.45pm – 5.30pm

An exclusive workshop for our innovation cluster members.

Delve into horizon expanding content designed to make you think twice about how you currently run your business.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with these charismatic leaders who will lend practical insight, openly discuss financials and honestly share the challenges that had to be overcome to adopt new technologies to disrupt business as usual.

$172.50 per person


Gijs Van der Velden | MX3D CEO

Has built a robotics startup from the ground up and now leads a fast growing innovation company, MX3D.
Leveraging his works on the first 3D printed steel footbridge in Holland, he’ll share what the business case for 3D printing using robotic welding is for our NZ metals industry.


Des Watkins | Watkins Steel, Managing Director

Has taken his steel fabrication business through a truly transformative process. Developing a four-step end-to-end digital process, utilising 3D scanning, digital twins, augmented reality and automation.
Find out the practical steps he took to make it happen, and the real world benefits & impacts it delivered.

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Friday 21 February, 7.00am – 9.00am

Is the future of your workforce on your mind?

It should be! The skills crisis, labour shortages, the future of work, and attracting & retaining future engineers have been the top things we hear from our membership that are keeping them up at night.

That’s why the Nation breakfast has been developed so together we can tackle this challenge.

Confronting and eye opening, you’ll come face to face with a panel of future millennial engineers who’ll speak frankly on their thoughts about our industry, and what it’ll take for us to become their future employers.


Friday 21 February, 9.00am – 4.30pm

Bringing together five of the world’s top thought leaders for our industry.

They’ll challenge you to explore what your future looks like, and the practical application of their insights into your business today.


Steel bridge to the future

Gijs Van der Velden | MX3D CEO

Gijs will share with us the challenges and rewards of his experience, and what he see the future bringing to our industry.

Be prepared for inspiration!


Scanning the future

Des Watkins | Watkins Steel, Managing Director

Developing a four-step end-to-end digital process, utilising 3D scanning, digital twins, augmented reality and automation for steel fabrication businesses. Be prepared for practical examples you can relate to!


A futurist’s view on steel

Chris Riddell | Futurist

A futurist and digital technology expert who will crystal ball for our members what is ahead for our industry.

Be prepared for the opportunities and threats of disruption!


Hook ’em & keep ’em

Alia Bojilova | HR Specialist

Leveraging her experience in industrial and organisational psychology and her passion to develop talent, leadership and resilience, Alia will give you the tools to lift your performance and capacity and build a brand that people want to work for!

Be prepared to finally get your fair share of engaged and skilled employees!


Building a tribe

Mike Hutcheson | Innovation and Business Commentator

Mike will focus on how the industry can improve its image, build a community and raise its attractiveness.

Be prepared to build a tribe of passionate metal heads who innovate successfully!


Thank you to NZ Steel

Sponsors of Futurist Chris Riddell and Des Watkins.

Other exciting presenters include:

  • An indigenous approach to STEM engagement. Puhoro STEM Academy’s Taniora Herewini.
  • Real world NZ applications of IoT & VR. Auckland University of Technology.

$1150 per person

Includes Nation breakfast and 20/20 VISION

$1265 per person

Includes Nation breakfast, 20/20 VISION & Nation dinner

Special group discounts also available:

For our cluster workshop, Nation breakfast or dinner:

Book in three team members for the price of two!

For our Future Forum 20/20 VISION conference:

Book in two team members for the price of one!


Friday 21 February, 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Auckland War Memorial Museum

A night of glitz and glam to celebrate our industry wins.

Come help us recognise those in our industry who have given renowned and outstanding service to us, have been responsible for great innovations to propel our industry forward or are destined to be our future leaders!


Awards include:

  • Keith Smith Memorial Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Leading Metalhead Award

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