8:59 AM, 31 August 2017

HERA is seeking its new CEO - Aug 2017

After over 30 years of leadership within HERA, our current Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz has announced his intended retirement around the end of this year.

Wolfgang has directed HERA for the last 17 years and as he advises with a smile, enjoyed almost any minute of this job. He puts this great experience down to being able to work with a great team of staff, HERA Executives and industry members where the daily work was progressed with great commitment and enthusiasm.

He also notes it is a very multi-faceted job which requires a versatile all-rounder, and feels the job ad and job description put together by the HERA appointment committee and our HR consultant Sheffield’s is hitting the mark very well.

Together with our HERA re-branding, we also have modernised the position name and the next Director will be a CEO.

Needless to say that we ask all members to pass this job notice on to anyone you feel could match our requirements.

For those interested in more information about the role, you can always call Wolfgang on 09 262 4848 or 021 945 159.

To file a formal application, follow the ad info highlighted here.