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We continue to be the voice of our industry.  Positively influencing political, economic, social systems and institutes through robust research that informs policy change for our members.

Our industry landscape is an ever changing one.  So ensuring the best interests of our member remains at the forefront of our governments mind is crucial.

Our members have asked us to lead the charge on policy change for our industry.  And as a research association, we’ve responded by providing the facts needed to help advocate for this change.

And to hit the right balance, we’ve limited our work in this space to topics that we’re competent in and can deliver supportive research for.  Handing those projects which fall outside of this scope to partners’ best suited to assist such as Metals NZ, the Manufacturers Network or the Employers and Manufacturers Association.


Metals NZ

We’re a strong supporter of Metals NZ – and they of us.  Our research is often a key metric in informing their submissions and policy formulation. And in turn, the sector receives a strong overarching voice for all metal industry interests.

We should be conscious of the fact that only a strong unified voice can achieve a sustainable industry.  Supporting Metals NZ in achieving this change is key if we want to make a positive difference in the future.

Our core offerings

Addressing the issues of the 'wood first' policy

The wood first policy needs a rethink.

We believe Government regulating via their government procurement process, shouldn’t specify preferences for particular building material types or industry’s.  Rather, regulations and guidelines should be outcome/performance based. Putting the onus for compliance directly on to manufacturers and suppliers of different building materials and allowing all industries and sectors to compete on the basis of well-articulated product performance criteria such as whole life cost and sustainability.

We’ve initiated discussions with SCNZ, Metals NZ, the CIC, BIF, Business NZ, and the Manufacturing Network to determine next steps for response. With Metals NZ taking the lead to develop an industry-wide response. As an industry, we need to ensure that Government procurement policy isn’t preferring one material over the other.

This means we need more thinking and work with government and our stakeholders to ensure creating local business opportunities such as Wood First are benefiting building and construction overall – and not pre-determining performance outcomes based on biased material preferences.

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Government procurement

Our industry is supporting government in its free trade efforts. Endorsing the WTO aligned Government Rules of Sourcing.   However to delve deeper we commissioned BERL. Comparing our New Zealand Procurement Rules with those of our major trading partners. Not only did it confirm we’re in line with our GPA trading partners. But that our rules have specific requirements which raise issues around fair opportunity to respond.

The ‘5 principles’ which include balanced decision making require mandated consideration of the economic, social and environmental impacts of procurement alternatives is a positive step for our local tenderer which allows the playing field to be levelled. However as a non-mandated option it fails to do so.

Going forward, our work looks to get our public sector procurers to uniformly meet by ensuring that these rules remain high on our industry advocacy’s priority list.

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Product conformance

We continue our quest to ensure that our industry is battle ready through demonstrable product conformance.  A focus true to our strategic aim that our industry can only be internationally competitive if we meet contracted requirements and applicable standards.

To do this, we work closely with SCNZ and Metals NZ to consult with our industry members who are calling for the introduction of independent third party verification for all critical building work.   Where we hope to see some major moves from regulators in the future.

And to keep this advocacy work moving in the right direction, we ensure that our General Managers continue to represent our industry.  Actively joining the boards and committees of relevant organisations so we can stay in tune with whats truly going on.

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