Working with Advance Boiler Services (ABS) in Hamilton over the past few months to design and develop a test rig – we’re pleased to say we’re on the verge of a major step towards energy technology development.

This test rig will allow testing of individual components such as heat exchangers and expander type devices in preparation for end-application such as in an Organic Rankine Cycle plant.

This confirms a strong commitment towards sustainable energy from ABS – particularly for the Organic Rankine Cycle, as we look to commission process equipment and validate it against simulation results achieved so far.

This is a critical step in the right direction in our goal to successfully launch their product to market in the future – allowing us to create intellectual property for not only HERA but ABS as our valued AGGAT industry partner.

From left: ABS Operations Manager Clint Price, Design Engineer Tejinder Singh and Workshop Supervisor Caleb Paki their workshop with their completed fin tube evaporator and condenser.

The AGGAT Team will soon have our test rig available to test components and we welcome any interest from members about its capabilities.


Want to get involved?

We’d be happy to hear from anyone interested in working with the test rig or our wider AGGAT program – so if that’s you, please get in touch with our Senior Research Engineer and AGGAT Program Manager Dr Boaz Habib.