HERA is a non-profit research organisation dedicated to serving the needs of our metals-based industries in New Zealand.

We create value by being the industry stimulus for research, innovation and development. In addition, we welcome opportunities to work with organisations who have a vision and mission to improve, innovate and inspire our industry – be they industry associations, NGOs, Crown institutes/entities, Government departments, or others not directly in the engineering profession. That’s why we have the following membership categories:

RECIPROCAL for like industry associations involved in the engineering industry. Examples would be NZ Stainless Steel Development Association, Steel Construction NZ, BRANZ, Engineering NZ, Manufacturing Network, MRM, NASH, etc.

AFFILIATE for organisations not directly in engineering but have ties to or relationships within the industry, such as universities, Government departments, NGOs, Crown institutes, etc. Examples would be AUT, University Auckland, Worksafe, ACC, MBIE, and CRIs such as the Cawthron Institute.

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