Attend the Internet of Manufacturing Conference in Chicago and see first-hand how US companies are moving towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Through our relationship with Callaghan Innovation, we’ve been given the opportunity to let our membership know of the unique chance to gain co-funding to attend their ‘Internet of Manufacturing Trek 2018’ from 4-8 June. In collaboration with EMA and the Manufacturers Network, they’re taking a delegation to the Internet of Manufacturing Conference in Chicago as well as organising visits with leading US manufacturing companies while there.

The trek is strongly focused around helping attendees connect with the latest trends in US manufacturing as they move towards the new industrial age – IIoT.

HERA General Manager Welding Centre Michail Karpenko on a DH Engineering workshop tour

It’ll help you explore how implementing this approach in your own businesses can reduce production downtime and operational costs by optimising product design and customer services.

At HERA, we believe this is a great opportunity for those in our membership who believe in innovation and digital advancement in products and production. We’ve always strongly advocated for advanced manufacturing innovation – which is why we encourage you to join so you can improve your awareness of what is happening internationally. It’s also a fantastic way to enhance your network as well.


What does the trek involve and how do you become a part of it?

This trip will allow you to get greater understanding of the practicalities of IoT implementation, and to ‘talk technical’ with leading providers. You’ll learn about developing smart products and how to achieve additional revenue streams by transforming your capability. You’ll also be exposed to new market opportunities.

To be eligible you’ll need to have a clear objective for attending the delegation, and the capability to apply and implement the learnings you pick up along the way. In return, co-funding of NZD$2100 will be provided to a limited number of businesses to cover approximately 50% of your costs for international travel and accommodation.


Time is of the essence!

You need to express your interest by 19 March by filling in the downloadable form and returning by email to Callaghan Innovation.

If you’d like more information you can click here or contact Nicole Miller by email at or by mobile +64 27 808 2516.

Update shared by our General Manager Industry Development Dr Boaz Habib