Through our connection with constructsteel we are able to offer our members the significant opportunity to put their projects forward for recognition in the international arena. This is a great chance to profile your work globally and the award comes with a lot of mana (prestige)!

There are three categories available to enter which recognises steel construction stakeholders for their contribution to the positioning of steel in the construction industry over a one-year period (2022) in a series of categories impacting the construction industry:

  • Innovation of the year – recognising the steel construction industry as a trailblazer in innovation
  • Excellence in sustainability – making the steel construction industry a trailblazer in sustainability
  • Best project of the year – recognising the steel construction industry in Best Projects

HERA intends to submit one of our member projects to each category. We open the invitation to all members to forward through a project for submission. For those who were successful winners in our HERA Industry Awards on 5 May 2023, you will need to resubmit your projects for contention in these awards and we encourage you to do so also. The nominations deadline is Thursday 8 June 2023.

There will be a judging panel consisting of internal and external judges. External judges are the constructsteel Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and will do the first round of review for pre-selection. Pre-selected nominations will then be sent to the constructsteel Leadership Team for the second round of review. The prize will be presented at the constructsteel annual conference on 26 September 2023 in Seoul, South Korea at their award ceremony.


For more information on each award:

Innovation of the year  Award 2023:
Excellence in sustainability Award 2023:
Best project of the year Award 2023:


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