Effective quality management systems for welded fabrication rely on competent staff – people with the knowledge and ability to ensure welding and fabrication operations are cost-effective.

And at HERA we provide education and training for those who have responsibility for the supervision and inspection of welded fabrication, and the qualification of welding procedures and welders to help achieve this.

A feature of the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme is that these fabricators only employ such people. The AS 2214 Welding Supervisor certificate is recognised as the qualification for those supervising welding activities and inspecting in-house welded components as a part of the SFC scheme, now a requirement of all SCNZ fabricator members. This qualification meets AS/NZS 1554 and competency requirements of the fabrication/welding section of AS/NZS 5131.

Recently, a total of 27 professionals attended the AS 2214 Welding Supervisor course in Auckland and Christchurch in March this year. This is a good testament of the growing recognition for the need to continually upskill the welding workforce. This course also constitutes the first part of the IIW Welding Inspection course.


Not just for welding supervisors

Welding Centre Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock says, “This course is ideal for motivated people in the industry who seek ongoing professional development and who want to increase their value in the industry.”

“In addition, we also encourage not only welding supervisors and those who wish to progress to a welding inspection qualification, but also steel designers, engineers, fabricators, and project managers who can benefit from an understanding of how to apply current best practice in welding/fabrication quality management.”


Looking for AS 2214 Welding Supervisor Course to come to Dunedin?

The HERA Training Centre has regularly run the course in Auckland and Christchurch since 2010. Prior to this the supervisor course has been held in Wellington, New Plymouth and Whangarei but not Dunedin. With more than 250 people having completed this course, it is now recognised as one of the most accepted qualifications for those supervising welding activities or inspecting in-house welded components, and should be your next step in quality assurance and assisting your staff to progress in their career pathway.

If there is sufficient interest, a course in Dunedin is a possibility. So if you would like to see a course run in Dunedin, let us know; the most likely time would be in June or July. Register your interest by email.


Would you like to be part of the change?

For more information on the SFC scheme please click here, or on HERA’s Welding Supervisor Inspection course here. Alternatively, you can contact our General Manager Welding Centre Michail Karpenko.