We are pleased to announce the publication of HERA Report R4-155 – Optimised Sliding Hinge Joint (OSHJ): Design and Installation Guide for a Low Damage Seismic Resisting System which introduces a number of significant updates.

This report has been authored by Dr Shahab Ramhormozian of the Auckland University of Auckland and Prof G. Charles Clifton of the University of Auckland. The report is the result of significant edits that add a detailed design example, account for recent research and development and include industry feedback from using OSHJ’s in building projects across Aotearoa (New Zealand) since R4-155 was first published in 2020.

Why has this report been a focus for HERA?

Updating the OSHJ design guide is well aligned with our strategy to future proof our industry.

Low-damage seismic solutions not only improve building resilience and occupants’ safety in a seismic event, but also have a significant role in facilitating structural steel reuse after severe earthquakes.

Additionally, the OSHJ provides a low-damage, highly seismic resilient, versatile, and cost-effective seismic resisting connection option primarily for Moment Resisting Steel Framed (MRSF) buildings to structural engineers.

Overall, developing this report is important in helping practicing structural engineers in New Zealand to confidently design and install OSHJ’s in their projects. Not only is it an important resource for the seismic design of structures, but it also facilitates greater uptake so we can build more resilient and safer structures for our communities and improve steel sustainability.

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