Following an introductory email members will have received from WorkSafe New Zealand regarding the Government-funded Health and Safety Representative (HSR) transition training programme, WorkSafe is now introducing Safety ‘n Action.

Safety ‘n Action is developing the HSR transition training course in partnership with WorkSafe New Zealand. This free training is available for HSRs within our industry who have already trained for their HSR role under the current Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. The HSR must have completed an approved HSR training course to at least stage 1 (or equivalent).

To help ensure there are enough trained HSRs in place to bridge the change in legislative requirements when the new Health and Safety at Work Act comes in to force, Work ‘n Action is seeking your assistance to maximise the uptake and benefit of this free transition training among HSRs in your workplace.

To do this, they have produced a range of information and communications materials, including articles, webpage banners, posters and the like which you can access here.

Industry members are encouraged to use this information on your web pages, in your newsletters, magazines and any other appropriate media to make people aware of this training opportunity.

Training will be available for approximately 15,000 HSRs over four to five months from February 2016. There are two types of delivery mode available to HSRs, online training and half day face-to-face courses which will be scheduled nationally. HSRs who undertake the transition training will receive a formal certificate of completion.

If you know of HSRs in your own organisation, you can register and refer them for training. As Safety ‘n Action builds up their registrations, they will confirm the face-to-face course locations to match the locations of those registering.

Safety ‘n Action will keep in contact to provide you with more specific details about the training as these become available.

Update shared by our Manager Information Centre Brian Low