Remaining competitive and relevant in the market is one of the greatest business challenges faced by many.  And for the heavy engineering metals industry – it’s no different.

For so long, New Zealand’s isolated location has cultivated a ‘number 8 wire mentality’ where ingenuity and resourcefulness have seen our members rewarded.  And because of this, we’ve seen the development and supply of a diverse range of services and products to meet the needs of a ‘cut off’ market.

But technological advances are challenging this business model.  The reality is we’re now competing not only locally, but globally. For many of our contracting based members, maintaining a viable profit margin now means winning volumes of work for day to day survival – with little time left for the future.

Our industry development roadmap process challenges this notion and helps our member’s change the way they think and operate.

We’re flipping the current operating model on its head and encouraging a portion of daily work engages in a research and development platform. It’s a roadmap process aimed at handing control of our members future pipeline back to them.


Taking the guesswork out of market opportunities


We understand that our members are time poor, and often don’t have the capability or capacity to look forward.  Thats why our roadmap is a crucial support system towards helping our members obtain sustainability.

Using an integrated approach that identifies the common overlaps in the market, member capability and research – we‘re able to inform where opportunity exists.  This also means we can assess who is best positioned to meet this need and how to effectively launch this product competitively to achieve return on investment for those involved.


Our roadmap fundamentals

A joint effort that feeds into a bigger picture

The prospect of R&D is often a daunting prospect for many companies.  The risk of upfront costs on a ‘possible’ future dividend putting many off from exploring this option further.

Armed with our roadmap fundamentals we create a much clearer pathway supported by market research and analysis.  Which when combined with the ability to collaboratively work with others – helps spreads risk across a wider and stronger platform and transforms R&D into a much more feasible option.

Understanding that multiple, and often local competing organisations may have a stake in the game, our research and involvement ensures we identify and pursue niche opportunities.  We find this supports sufficient product differentiation off a shared and common research base – so every member involved is rewarded for the inputs placed into the roadmap process.

This combined effort means we’re able to leverage the expertise of all involved to bring ingenuity and innovation to solutions. Achieving faster market entry and providing a more robust and competitive product offering entered through personalised access strategies.

In our roadmap process, our New Zealand members are no longer competition – but allies in entering the global market as a robust and united offering to win a greater market share.

Boaz Habib

General Manager Industry Development