Recently one of our member companies embarked on a journey – donating funds via HERA charitable trust HEERF towards summer student scholarships at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

This gave a much-needed boost to the progress of Stirling technology research and their engines which are well known for their efficient operation via piston-based gas movement.

AUT Senior Lecturer Dr. Michael Gschwendtner is an international expert in Stirling technology research, with many years of experience with the technology. He will be the lead investigator of four projects over the summer and has already begun recruitment of his best engineering students to be involved.

The projects will be looking at key challenges around piston sealing, tri-generation potential of heating, cooling and electricity production as well as cycle efficiency and design – some of the very areas that our donor needs to find solutions for.

AUT Senior Lecturer and Stirling Research Leader Dr Michael Gshwendtner next to the piston sealing apparatus.

It certainly demonstrates a sound working model between member support and top-notch (‘sterling’) research work – deriving practical return from investment.


Looking for a similar initiative to be a part of?

A number are active through our AGGAT program which we are looking for partnerships on research and development projects that would be of direct value to our members.

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