HERA is excited to welcome Charles Andrew to the team as our new Digital and Administration Assistant.

Charles is a recent commerce graduate from the University of Auckland, with majors in marketing and information systems. Although only starting his career journey, he has already gained great experience working in trade and also for the Health and Human Rights Journal, as an Editorial Assistant.

Internally, Charles brings much welcomed support to our administration works across our organisation.

His works at The Health and Human Rights Journal (jointly published by Drexel University and Harvard University at the Harvard FXB Center, Boston, Massachusetts) honing his skills in this space, where he’ll be helping with our content development, proof reading, formatting of our technical reports and delivering core team competencies.

Imbedding digital transformation for our industry

Over the past couple of years, Covid-19 has caused massive disruption to businesses across the world, and made it clear that we all need to prepare for and embrace the digital era. It is why, at HERA, we have been committed to helping our industry uptake digital communications, systems and processes into their day to day business.

In order to do this work well, we recognise that we need to make sure that our own information systems are in order too. It is why we have been building a strong commitment to digital transformation by increasing our Industry 4.0 focuses, streamlining our IT infrastructure and service provider management, and most recently developing this digital focused role which Charles has filled!

Our Manager Customer Experience, Rebecca Symonds saying: “I’m really excited to have Charles on board in delivering the best possible experience for our members and external customers.”

“I am particularly looking forward to seeing how his informations systems understanding will help streamline our digital assets so they run more effectively, and how his insights in CRM may assist our data management, which are key focuses we’re looking to optimise.”



Get to know Charles a bit better…

Charles has hit the ground running since he started at HERA just over a week ago. His understanding of analytics, html, business to business, and business to consumer marketing, coming to the fore in the development of some of our recent communications we have shared with our members and wider industry already!

When asked about his former work, Charles commented that he enjoyed working in the niche field of Health and Human Rights, where the focus is on examining global health issues through a ‘right to health’ lens. His belief is that every human being has the right to not only healthcare, but the right to be healthy. A commendable personal value, that folds well in to HERA’s own values around respect and integrity.

In his spare time Charles enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and fishing in the Hauraki.

We look forward to working with Charles and seeing what value he can bring to the table!