April has been all about eco-systems and relationships here at HERA. And, no part of our operation exemplifies these ideas more than our Administration department! Thats why this months staff profile highlights our first customer touch point – Raewyn Porter.

If you didn’t realise it, administration is the backbone of an organisation. It links your various departments together and ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to the other.

Often the role of an administrator is underestimated, but after having a chat with Raewyn – it’s clear it’s time we started appreciating the fine art of multi-tasking and how integral reception is to your business.

She’s a lady of few words, but behind them are a thousand stories…

Education didn’t play a huge part in Raewyn’s career trajectory – she actually left school at the age of 13.

And, with no strong influences or role models she found herself looking for work out of necessity rather than passion. Her children were in school, she needed money, and more importantly – something to keep her occupied!

Raewyn eventually found herself at HERA, and 18 years later she’s still here. On a daily basis jumping between duties such as helping our departments to organise meetings, seminars and courses or arrange catering, room bookings and assisting our members.

Saying “My favourite part about working at HERA is the people. I love interacting with my work colleagues and the tenants of HERA House.”

“It quite suits me to work with a research association that is predominantly filled with structural and welding engineers. And while it is a male dominated environment I quite enjoy it. I don’t offend easily, and I like to joke around and not offend anyone either.”

“For me, my biggest highlight has been celebrating working at HERA for a decade. It’s a significant milestone, and I’m really proud of it.”

For many at HERA, Raewyn comes across as very quiet and reserved. But there is actually more to her than meets the eye – she is hugely community focused.

She’s been involved in her local rugby league club for over 20 years as a coach, manager and committee member. And there are no surprises that she’s now currently serving as their Secretary!

For her, this is about helping & showing children in her local area that there is a place they can go to have fun and meet new people without alcohol, drugs or an abusive environment present.

“Many children I interact with are brought up in challenging circumstances. Seeing them years later with their own families, and having them thank you for guiding them in a different direction from where they were headed is amazing.”

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Raewyns family is what inspires and are most important to her – particularly her children and grandchildren.

At HERA, we’re certainly lucky to have her in our team!