Like many other renewable energy technologies, grid connected wave and tidal energy seems poised ready for the kind of global build-out we saw in wind, which will bring a range of market opportunities.

There are also emerging niche marine energy opportunities which are disconnected from the wholesale price of a kilowatt of electricity which governs the market in New Zealand.

One of these is the marine energy-powered off-shore fish farm concept which is designed to be located away from the coast and possibly offshore outside the 12-mile limit. With the global demand for fish increasing and the limited availability of easily useable in-shore locations, off-shore seems the logical choice.

However there are challenges. Sea waves up to eleven metres, the distance from a harbour and the fish security and husbandry issues that come from being in a challenging, remote environment. Some of our members have already signed on to contributing to a research consortium to address these issues, and to meetings with our UK wave energy partner that will happen in May.

Any other members interested in knowing more should consider attending the Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Wellington on 19th May.

Update shared by our General Manager Industry Development Nick Inskip