A lack of consented inshore waters and associated environmental barriers are an inhibitor for leading fin fish companies in New Zealand to meet their strategic goal of producing $1 billion in product by 2025.

Our project aims to overcome this by creating fish farm sites capable of withstanding robust offshore environments to drive economic growth opportunities.

For us, it’s all about supporting regional growth, meeting future fish protein demand, and advancing technology development.



January 2015 – October 2024

Note: while this project is focused on acquiring a 7 year funding program, we believe the scope will continue to create further opportunities beyond this time frame as we adapt to future challenges.



To feed the worlds growing population, aquaculture has to come up with an additional 46.4 million metric tonnes to meet projected seafood needs. Yet despite being one of the fastest growing primary industries with a clear market demand to fill, its ability to do so is hindered.

Our project is aimed at bridging this gap. Where members involved in this project are anticipated to benefit in three key aspects:

  1. Local and international sales for technology
  2. IP and licensing models for new technology, and
  3. Securing of Asia Pacific manufacturing rights for wave and tidal technology (should this be successfully integrated as the energy source)

As with all R&D, the hope is that the structure developed can achieve price parity with inshore models – where the need for value engineering and smarter and more streamlined operational processes will be needed from manufacturing participants.


Our role

With current funding being sought under the Primary Growth Partnership our role sits in driving the submission of a feasible commercially focused proposal to move the project to business case for our project partners.

However the very nature of this commercial proposal, means our input is limited as a research association going forward. That’s why, we’ve worked hard to bring the project to a real stage to pursue with key end users secured and engaged.  This now provides the perfect platform for our member companies who have answered our calls for interest to now take ownership.

Going forward we’ll transition into arranging a feasibility mission to investigate key market players, explore existing technology and understand offshore environment challenges.  Providing support where needed to drive opportunities in licencing technology developed and create future IP.

Research themes

Our project partners include:

Boaz Habib

General Manager Industry Development