HERA Technical Guide No 04:2021 – Commentary on the stud welding standard AS 1554.2

HERA Technical Guide No 04: Commentary on the stud welding standard AS 1554.2



Authors: Michail Karpenko; Alan McClintock; Volkan Yakut
Edition: Technical Guide No 04: 2021
Price: PDF (Free)
Abstract: This guide addresses the changes between the 2021 and the previous edition of AS 1554.2 “Structural steel weldingStud welding (steel studs to steel)” and provides a commentary on the implementation of the standard. It includes an overview of the key fabrication, quality management and inspection requirements of this standard as applicable for the stud welding operations in steel structures. It also includes example checklists that can be used as quality control tools to verify compliance with the standard. This guide makes references to the following underlying standards: AS/NZS 5131, AS/NZS ISO 3834, ISO 14555, AS/NZS ISO 13918 and ISO 4063.