The cost of quality is widely used but often misinterpreted to mean the cost of using quality control and quality management systems. What it actually refers to is the cost incurred from failing to provide compliant products in the most efficient manner.

All too often these costs can be viewed as an iceberg with only the tip of the iceberg being seen. Our paper identifies items critical for managing quality in welding based fabrication.  Providing guidance on managing costs, as part of the overall quality management system.

References are made to a number of interesting case studies showing financial implications resulting from the remedial work and related legal “battles”.


What can we do?

Join us at the Metals Industry Conference 2017 for our #HERAsessions, where our General Manager Michail Karpenko will be delving into this further.

We’re excited with the core messages he’ll bring to our members about what is ahead for manufacturing in New Zealand.

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