We’d like to introduce you to one of our student members – Rajnil Lal.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the Fiji National University in 2015, and is currently enrolled to complete his Masters at the University of Auckland.

In his second semester, he’ll be finishing his studies in June, and will be keen to pursue a career in structural design.

What development opportunities are you seeking?

I’d really like the chance to secure an internship so I can gain additional practical experience in structural engineering. 

This would go a long way in pursuing my dream of becoming a practicing structural engineer in the future.

HERA Student Member, Rajnil Lal.

What do you love about engineering?

I think that the creative and innovative ideas that can be developed through critical thinking is very exciting as it can be used to find alternative solutions to any problem.

This goes hand in hand with the skills that make a good engineer – discipline, work ethics, and safety.

To me, a good engineer never compromises on their design and ensures that public safety is prioritized. They’re driven to develop better approaches rather than depending on a solution that is formulated by someone else.


What do you associate with heavy engineering and metals-based engineering?

In the field of structural engineering, we normally deal with heavy engineering materials such as Universal Steel Beams, Universal Columns or similar. 

I recognise HERA as a founder of these heavy engineering material in New Zealand. Their role being to continue this sectors development through research to find better alternative steel materials (based on strength, size and geometry) that can be used for heavy structural engineering projects in New Zealand.


What do you think about HERA?

I just read about HERA on the internet when i was exploring and surfing.

I believe being associated with this organisation is an opportunity for any researcher and engineer like myself to have support, and a mechanism to gain better understanding of projects happening in New Zealand.

I also hope that connecting in with HERA may also help me to better cooperate and connect with R&D companies. I’m really open to take on any research opportunities that might be out there!