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We’re committed to providing our membership with the help they need to deliver for their clients.

And across our divisions, we’ve developed resources to meet those needs every step of the way.


Industry Development

Our resources are tailored to support our member’s growth, by developing and adopting new business models and improving their understanding of future markets.
We’ve recently kick started our industry panel to assist in identifying prospective industry directions. A knowledge source we believe our members will be able to tap into to explore and connect with opportunities and likeminded businesses through seminars, networking and trade delegations as they arise.
We also actively keep an online capability register which not only allows us to assess and market our members, but help potential client to do so as well.
Part of our works also see us conduct tariff monitoring to identify where opportunities may lie for members to seize. And for those who have a need to test their materials in a field environment for geothermal or heat exchange application – our test rig is a valuable resource available for use also.


Information Centre

Our library offers a diverse range of library resources to our members from our very own reports to guidelines, standards, publications and online resources that share our latest news, thoughts, innovations and notices. On request they also deliver bespoke statistical reports on request.
And in the background, they also run event hire for our facilities, make sure our membership is well looked after and communicated to.


Structural Systems

The core resources within structural systems is our expertise – offering our members and potential clients to tap into consultancy services and finite element analysis on their most challenging projects.


Welding Centre

In our welding centre we actively connect with our members offering integral services to upskill our existing workshop through certification and qualification schemes as well as offering access to our in-house expert advice.
And when we’re not busy doing this, we provide the training and resources to assist the SFC scheme.


Innovation & Transformation Architect