A SFC fabricator has demonstrated that all their welding and related activities are managed under a quality management system that fully complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 3834; specifically for NZS 3404.1 Steel Structures Standard, and AS/NZS 1554 Structural Steel Welding.

A quality management system relies on competent people: the fabricators welding co-ordination team. A key member of the team is the welding supervisor.


The welding supervisor’s role is set out in AS/NZS 1554.1 and includes:

Attendees of the March welding supervisor course.
  • Ensuring that all welding is carried out in accordance with the drawings, plans, and the job specifications
  • Instructing welders to the requirements of the welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • Conducting the necessary checks and tests prior to assembly, during assembly, during welding
  • Taking remedial measures in cases of imperfections and non-compliances.
  • Arranging or undertaking welder qualification tests.

Welding supervisors require a minimum of three years’ experience in the fabrication of welded structures and a Welding Supervisor’s Certificate such as AS 2214. With the benefits of quality management systems in welded fabrication now widely accepted, the continuing demand for training for welding supervisors should grow.

The March 2016 HERA Welding Supervisor course attracted 20 attendees; Courses will be offered in both Auckland and Christchurch later in the year.

Update shared by our General Manager Welding Centre Dr Michail Karpenko