SCI has recently released an online based calculator for floor dynamic response prediction.

Compared with the manual method proposed in SCI P354, the calculator investigates the floor vibration using finite element analysis of regular grids. For irregular floor grids, existing tools such as the Oasys design software should still be used.

The online tool covers imposed loads of 2.5kPa and 5kPa along with 0.8kPa for partition loading. The calculator pre-sets floor damping ratio of 3%. The selection of decking profile is based on ComFlor sheeting products.

The tool provides multiple choices of floor grid arrangement and bay sizes with choices of placing secondary beams at either mid-span or third point of the primary beams. It also features an interactive visual plot of the floor response in the output where the user can read off response factor from any interested floor locations.

Update shared by our Information Centre Manager Brian Low