If there was ever a cause to invest in, not much else would be worth more than investing in your future. HERA recognises this and places value not just on the future of our engineering profession but also our next generation.

To this end, we recently sponsored the Young Engineers Forum in Wellington hosted by Institution of Profession Engineers (IPENZ) through funding from our charitable foundation HEERF.

We were represented by our Manager Industry Development Dr. Boaz Habib who spoke on the important role IPENZ accreditation plays towards professional acknowledgement of our consultant members. Constituting around 30% of our membership.

IPENZ Chief Executive Susan Freeman-Greene presenting at the Young Engineers Forum.

Our readers, who also happen to be IPENZ members, will be pleased to learn that IPENZ will be rolling out their new membership engagement plan very soon to provide added value to its members.

This will also be joined with a new brand and identity development for IPENZ which is all about ‘giving life to engineering’ and for this they have come up with their new logo of a ‘butterfly’ signifying the process of life.

IPENZ Chief Executive Susan Freeman-Greene launched the brand and other conceptual strategies at the Young Engineers’ Forum in Wellington and invited feedback on the concepts from the group of young engineers in attendance.

It was heartening to see that we have come a long way from the ‘shy introverted stereotype’ often associated with our engineering discipline through a very vocal and opinionated bunch of young engineers at the forum. Leadership was in the making!

And, Boaz added further fuel to this fire with an encouraging message from us to the young audience about the need for innovation and for the engineers to continue honing their skills in innovation and creativity.

“This is what will be needed to thrive into the future and is what has brought us so far in our professional development all the while enhancing the profile and image of the engineering profession,” he said.

We will be sponsoring another IPENZ event for student engineers in November which will provide a valuable networking opportunity for students and engineering firms. This is all part of our long term commitment to represent the professional capabilities of our membership.

If you’d like to know more about IPENZ activities or on how to become a registered engineer, please contact our Manager Industry Development Boaz Habib or check out IPENZ directly.