Andrew Pennington

Senior Structural Engineer

I’m a senior structural engineer working to support clients in the structural steel markets in New Zealand. This is achieved through the development of structural design guides and tools, seminars and research projects.

In addition to the above, I’m also part of HERA’s representation on NZ and Australasian Standards Committees.

I have seven years’ experience as a structural engineer in New Zealand and prior to that I worked in IT. This has enabled me to use my software skills to assist in the development of tools to assist engineers to optimise their designs.

I was also involved in the development and calibration of parts of the new AS/NZS2327:2017 Composite standard and will be using that experience to help develop the tools needed for composite design.

I’m passionate about becoming a solutions expert in the New Zealand metal industry, helping us build more robust structures while ensuring that these structures follow world class environmental principles to ensure the best outcomes for all relevant parties.