Our AGGAT Turbo-generator research team has been making significant progress in our turbine development objectives and is at the cusp of getting into its manufacturing phase.

For the first time, we have a sustained turbine research and development platform – something certainly of interest to members working with motors!

We’ve been making steady gains towards developing a 100kW radial inflow turbine for an Organic Rankine Cycle process – recently simulating its performance under mechanical stress loading and investigating sealing solutions for its coupling with a high speed generator.

We’re lucky to have Dr. Raj Sharma from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Auckland on board, providing valuable advice on turbine simulation, and our Turbine research team is also available to provide advice on simulation or rotating machinery science on turbo-generation or generic motor-related issues.


Want to know how you can take advantage of our turbine research team?

Contact our AGGAT Program Manager Dr Boaz Habib.

From left: University of Auckland Professor Dr Raj Sharma, HERA Research Engineer Dr Lei Chen and HERA Intern Supriya Roy at the university facilities
The AGGAT turbine research team discussing design and performance issues during a regular meeting at the university