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As digital proliferation continues to accelerate, so too do the support mechanisms needed for welding and joining technology.

For us, this means we have to work twice as hard to keep our finger on the ‘welding’ pulse.  So we’re able to deliver our members the latest learnings, advancements, policies and processes to remain competitive.

We know that our true value lies in truly understanding our members. In particular, their needs, businesses they run and the clients they serve.  Because if we’re to help them stay one step ahead, we have to know what their boundaries are.  So that we can be a catalyst to help push them.

It’s all about challenging the norm, finding new ways to do things and adapting our skill base to deliver it all.  And, since the mid 80’s we’ve been working hard to achieve this.  Becoming a New Zealand representative of the International Institute of Welding (IIW), and collaborating with the Welding Technology Institute of Australia to keep at the forefront of technology advancements along the way.

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Have a problem? We can help solve it!

We offer technical support and hotline engineering to all of our members that need it.  Helping them to address not only their immediate problems – but longer term ones as well.

To us, it’s all about working towards smarter solutions and engaging in a collaborative forum that drives innovation.  And when we find the right answers, we make sure to build them into our next rounds of courses and seminars.  To make sure it never happens again.

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Let us upskill your staff, or help further your own career

To maintain a competitive edge we rely strongly on our skilled work force to deliver the goods. So it makes sense to continue advancing these expertise so as an industry we can get the most from our people.

For us this means creating proficiency in welding coordination and inspection beyond what is obtained in standard technical education.  Achieved by HERA ANB – our IIW Authorised National Body for New Zealand which allows us to deliver training and exams for welding related qualifications.

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Connect with world class quality assurance solutions

We’re proud to be collaborating with SCNZ to drive the Steel Fabricator Certification scheme. A system that certifies New Zealand fabricators manufacturing structural steelwork to international best practise.  Not only does this allow them to maintain a competitive edge – but provides them with a valuable point of difference against imported alternatives. All complimented with our welding supervisor and inspection courses – as an integral mechanism for delivering the training needed to achieve this status.

We also provide HERA Certification Ltd.  A function that allows us to evaluate and pre-qualify our steel fabricators – ensuring they have the capability and quality management systems in place to undertake work to the required standards.

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Our R&D projects

Seismic design

Our ongoing seismic research program is focused on better understanding how we can deliver value through time and cost savings by optimising fabrication and inspection for welding hot rolled products and giving confidence in the chosen weld solution in critical seismic connections.

Non-destructive testing

Inspection and testing is an integral part of the fabrication process to meet the New Zealand structural steel design and fabrication standards.  So far the DR AS/NZS 5131 structural steelwork and fabrication and erection standard has introduced the concept of ‘construction category’ to ensure assumptions remain valid.  However it is yet to be linked to reliability classes, or to take into account fabricator quality management efforts.

Our research looks to bridge this gap.  Identify defect levels, understanding key impact factors and evaluating the effectiveness of inspection techniques.  This research also looks to development a comprehensive data base from which we can develop statistical models to link inspection with reliability levels.

Developing a fabrication and erection of steel standard

Ensuring welding and fabrications meet international best practise has highlighted the need for our standards to be updated to reflect them.

This work is critical for our SFC scheme.  Allowing members to keep up to date with technological advances and quality requirements in the market. It is also thought this will help level the palying field against increasing import numbers, globalisation of product sourcing and changes in procurement practises that raise the risk of non-compliance.

We achieve this by representing our members on joint Standards Australia and New Zealand Welding Committee WD003 – developing out welding related standards such as AS/NZS 1554 series and AS/NZS 2980.

Michail Karpenko

General Manager Welding Centre

Alan McClintock

Senior Welding Engineer

Holger Heinzel

Research Engineer, Welding Centre