This Welding Inspector Level 2 exam consists of two sections.

  • Part 1 WI2 Welding Inspection Theory (2.5 hours)
    A written examination covering inspection theory
  • Part 2 WI2 Welding Inspection Practical (2.5 hours)
    A practical examination to test the candidate’s ability to apply inspection techniques

Both have to be passed to achieve the qualification.

An Examination Acceptance Form will be sent to candidates once registration is confirmed.


You need to meet the following requirements to qualify to do these exams:

  • Completed the Welding Inspection Level 2 course.
  • An optometrist certificate obtained within three months must be submitted with your application to sit this exam. Unaided or corrected near visual acuity in at least one eye shall be such that the candidate is capable of reading N4 Times Roman type or Jaeger J1 at a distance of not less than 30cm on a standard reading chart.

It is important to note the following:

  • Candidates will be notified by email and letter of the marks awarded for each paper, and the result – that is, PASS or FAIL.
  • Results can generally be expected within four weeks of the exams. We request that you do not make contact for these details unless this time has passed.


Theory exam


Practical exam

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The exam fee must be paid prior to the exam date.

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