At $50 billion, the Future Submarine Program is the largest and most ambitious defence procurement program in Australia’s history.

In 2016 the Australian government announced an ambitious series of defence projects worth over $100Bn, including the $50bn Future Submarine program. The Commonwealth’s objective was not only to deliver best in class equipment to the Australian Defence Force but to establish a sustainable defence industry ultimately capable of generating exports.

The latter to be achieved through strict Australian Industry Content (AIC) clauses in all contracts. The enormous scope of the task presents opportunities and challenges for the welding industry in Australia.

“Submarine maintenance requires highly skilled welders and engineers. We currently have people with the ability to do the task but, without fabrication projects onshore, we won’t retain those people. [Australian] Welders capable of the job will be working overseas or stacking supermarket shelves,” said Geoff from the Welding Technology Institute of Australia.

Lessons to be learnt

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Update shared by our Manager Information Centre Brian Low