3D printing and additive manufacturing are two of the newest and most discussed topics in design and manufacturing in recent years.

A component can be created in almost any shape using successive layers of material, making rapid prototyping and manufacturing a reality and bringing with it low one-off manufacturing costs.

What impact can engineering analysis and simulation have on this area, and what benefits can the combination of these advanced technologies bring to the design process? NAFEMS World Congress 2015 will host a dedicated forum on this topic.

To be investigated are the various ways in which engineering analysis can contribute to the 3D printing and additive manufacturing world, including:

  • Optimising the manufacturing process in order to mitigate potential issues with heat transfer, distortion and residual stress
  • Predicting how the manufacturing process can affect the material behaviour
  • Simulating the manufacturing process to work out what limitations should be put on geometric features
  • Using 3D printing to visualize complex results

The forum will bring together leading authorities and best-in-class companies and technologies for dedicated workshops, discussion forums and product showcases. Attendees and participants will be provided with an overview of the technology in this field, including opportunities, challenges, benefits, applications and constraints, as well as the opportunity to meet and learn about the leading hardware suppliers in the industry.

Innovative presentations and industry expert-led discussions will provide NAFEMS World Congress attendees with a truly cutting-edge look at this relatively new, and potentially game-changing, technology.

Please contact NAFEMS if you wish to present (case studies, best practices, and experiences), or contribute to discussions, workshops, product showcases or exhibits.