HERA is a non-profit research organisation dedicated to serving the needs of our metal-based industries in New Zealand.

We create value by being the industry stimulus for research, innovation and development. Delivering a trusted national centre for design, manufacturing technology and quality assurance.

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Ordinary Category: Ordinary Membership of the Association will be open to any person, corporate bodies, Government departments or agencies engaged in design; manufacture; fabrication; construction; maintenance; supply of welding consumables; supply of metals, in relation to Heavy Engineering. Within the HERA Rules, the definition of heavy engineering means, in general, the fabrication of ferrous or non-ferrous metals in the form of plate over 4.5mm in thickness, or of channels or sections 80mm by 80mm or over; or the machining of components or items which require cranage to present or locate the workpiece to or in the machine tool, and any related activity which the Board will from time to time deem to fall into this category. Associate Category: Levied items qualifying you for this membership - Carbon steel plate greater than 4.75mm; thick; Carbon steel sections 80mm or more in depth; Carbon steel RHS 102mm or more in depth; Welding consumables, excluding gases. When choosing your Membership Category, you are confirming that you have read the category information. You can view the full HERA Rules here: https://www.hera.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/HERA-Rules-Rev6-approved-at-2023-HERA-AGM.pdf