Ordinary “Platinum” Membership

This category offers the greatest membership advantages, such as substantial discounts on purchases and registrations, technical advisory, library support and discounted consulting. Our platinum members also have the power to vote in our Executive Board elections.

To apply for this membership, please ensure your company complies to the following Ordinary category specifications:

Engaged in design; manufacture; fabrication; construction; maintenance; supply of welding consumables; supply of metals, in relation to Heavy Engineering.


To read the full HERA Constitution, please click here.

Exclusive ordinary membership benefits

  • Substantial discounts for courses & seminars, networking events, publications and consultation fees
  • Access to our library and in-house technical expertise
  • Inclusion in our online membership profiling
  • The ability to vote at our general meetings
  • The right to nominate and vote for members of our Executive Board
  • A chance to have a greater say in the direction of our activities, and
  • A chance to assess, respond and take advantage of industry opportunities as they’re identified

Ordinary membership fee’s

To make sure you pay to a fair and affordable level relative to your business – our annual subscription is based on the number of people you employ in activities related to metals engineering (including support staff).

No of Employees Incl. GST
1 to 3 $120
4 to 19 $440
20 to 29 $715
30 to 39 $965
40 to 49 $1,235
50 to 59 $1,500
60 to 69 $1,755
70 to 79 $2,030
No of Employees Incl. GST
80 to 89 $2,280
90 to 99 $2,560
100 to 109 $2,800
110 to 119 $3,080
120 to 129 $3,355
130 to 139 $3,600
140 to 149 $3,870
150 and over $4,120