2024 Pūrongo ā-tau | Annual report: delivering on promises.

Chair Craig Stevenson and CEO Troy Coyle report on yet another year for HERA and our ability to support heavy engineering research.

It has been a year where our Industry 4.0 and sustainability research has expanded, establishing us as an emerging international leader in Construction 4.0 and circular design research, and where our research collaborations have also increased to include all universities in Aotearoa, as well as a range of leading international research organisations.


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2023 Pūrongo ā-tau | Annual report: leading the way.

Chair Dave Anderson and CEO Troy Coyle report on a strong year for HERA and its ability to support heavy engineering research.

This was off the back of a number of successful funding rounds for research, in particular, obtaining the $10.3 million MBIE Endeavour funding for the project “Developing a Construction 4.0 transformation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s construction sector” which positions us as a centre of national excellence for industry 4.0 research.


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2022 Pūrongo ā-tau | Annual report: dream it.

Chair Dave Anderson and CEO Troy Coyle report on a strong year for heavy engineering, with building and construction remaining very strong despite skills shortages and disruptions from Covid-19. 

It was a year that saw us have an increased focus on applications in Industry 4.0 to construction and fabrication, sustainability and structural design support.


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2021 Pūrongo ā-tau | Annual report: your industry futurist

Chair Dave Anderson and CEO Troy Coyle report on a year of validation. Covid-19 proving our focus on digital transformation in preparation for disruption was justified, and MBIE’s focus on Building for Climate Change and the Climate Change Commissions activities also validating our warnings to industry that the steel industry needed to pay greater attention to sustainability.


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2020 Annual report: future forum of the NZ metals industry

Chair Matthew Kidson and CEO Troy Coyle report on a year of pivots and activity for HERA. From the 2020 VISION conference to new membership initiatives and faces at HERA, to adapting to and innovating through the Covid period, we really lived and breathed our values, vision and mission.

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2019 Annual report: securing tomorrow by innovating today

Chair Mike Lehan and CEO Troy Coyle report on a year of renewed focus for HERA. Introducing a new vision that is preparing our industry for future disruptions, a mission focused on building a passionate tribe of metal heads who innovate successfully and a four step strategy to make this all come to life.

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2018 Annual report: disrupt or be disrupted

Chair Mike Lehan and CEO Troy Coyle report on a year of transition for HERA. Celebrating 40 years serving our metals industry has shown us that a focus on transformation and innovation is needed to ensure our industry is ready to navigate a potentially volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

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2017 Annual report: consistently driving quality & innovation

Chair Mike Lehan and Director Wolfgang Scholz report on a particularly booming steel construction sector which benefited our performance – despite our attempts to leverage government R&D co-funding for transformative innovation not coming to fruition.

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2016 Annual report: one centre delivering value

Chair John Frear and Director Wolfgang Scholz reflect on a successful year for the metals industry.  Which coupled with a strong levy income has allowed us to take important steps to drive growth.  Responding to changing market conditions to support our industry’s long term success along the way.

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2015 Annual report: supporting your industry through innovation

Chair John Frear and Director Wolfgang Scholz cover the key aspects that have led to what was a turnaround year for HERA.  Signalling regained strength in our way forward to ensure our industry’s future.

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