Matakitenga | Vision

Ko te haumaru i te ahumahi ō āpōpō, mā te whakaauaha ināianei tonu

Securing tomorrow’s industry by innovating today

Whakatakanga | Mission

Whakatipu i tetahi kāhui ihomatua maitai e autaia nei ki te whakaauaha

Build a passionate tribe of metalminds who innovate successfully

Ko tā mātou tātai angitū | Our formula for success

Te whakatutuki whakatikanga + te whakatipu me te whakapūmau kaimahi whai pukenga + te honohono me te whakaaweawe = whakapūmau mō anamata

Delivering solutions + developing and maintaining a skilled workforce + connecting and inspiring = future proofing

Delivering solutions

HERA members are supported in technical excellence and knowledge transfer.

Developing & maintaining

HERA members have the right skills for their needs – to create a strong workforce.

Connecting & inspiring

HERA members & stakeholders create a community actively engaged and collaborative.

Key activities include:

  • Panel projects that support key messages and reflect current and future requirements;
  • Making steel the material of choice by simplifying design through electronic tools and guides; and
  • Measuring our value.

Key activities include:

  • Establishing a national qualification framework for key technical personnel;
  • Training for new manufacturing and fabrication context;
  • Continuing professional development program;
  • HERA House upgrades to support future training requirements and to create technology demonstration;
  • Innovation Ready, Set, Go and
  • E-learning and distance learning ramp-up.

Key activities include:

  • Key messaging used through communications;
  • Creation of technology clusters, HR innovation cluster and social media for metalheads clusters;
  • Targeted scholarships.
  • Innovation in Metals portal.
  • 2020 Vision Conference; and
  • Thought-provoking digital content, including our Stirring the Pot podcast