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As we increasingly see and experience the tangible impacts of climate change – we should all be moving towards becoming carbon neutral in our operations.

Calculating your operational carbon footprint is the first step in the journey towards this. Enabling businesses to work on achieving carbon neutrality by:

  • determining the offset requirements;
  • identifying the activities that are contributing most and where you should focus efforts to reduce your footprint; and
  • starting to track your performance and improvements made.


Leading by example

We know that calculating your operational carbon footprint may sound complicated and expensive – but it isn’t.

We went through the process so that we could share our learnings and tools with you, using a rigorous and independent process to calculate carbon footprint.

We are happy to report that the process is not too onerous and the cost is surprisingly affordable. The details of what was included in the emissions calculation are provided in a case study we prepared for the Sustainable Steel Council. In that case study, we included a link to our inventory which itemises each activity/item considered in our calculation and can be used to assist your business in taking the first steps towards going zero carbon too.

In our own carbon zero journey, we’re happy to report that we have offset against our calculated emissions, obtaining certified Zero Carbon Business Operations via certified carbon credits with Ekos.

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