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Structural reports

  1. P4001: Seismic design of eccentrically braced frames (2013)
  2. R4-97: New Zealand Weathering Steel Guide for Bridges – rev3 (2020)
  3. R4-131: Design of composite steel floor systems for severe fires (Slab panel method) (2022)
  4. R4-133: New Zealand steelwork corrosion and coatings guide (2011)
  5. R4-150: The Seismic Performance of Structural Steel Buildings in the 2016 Earthquake (2022)
  6. R4-153: Steel Building Guide to NZS 3404:1997 – AMD 1 & 2 Worked Examples (2021)
  7. R4-155: OSHJ – Design and Installation Guide for a Low Damage Seismic Resisting System which introduces a number of significant updates (2023)
  8. R4-156: Seismic design of moment resisting frames (2024)
  9. R4-159: Common language definitions used in Structures as Steel Banks (SASB) (2022)
  10. R4-161: Diaphragm design guideline in steel frame structures (2024)

Structural software

  1. Software – Composite beam and slab design to AS/NZS 2327 (2017)
  2. Software – Composite column design to AS/NZS 2327 (2017)
  3. Software – Slab Panel Method (2022)

Welding Technical Guides

  1. Welder qualification test certificate – AS/NZS/ISO 9606-1:2017 & AS/NZS 2980:2018 (HERA Technical Guide-01:2020)
  2. Weld positions: AS/NZS 3545:2020 (ASME IX and AWS D1.1) (HERA Technical Guide-02:2020)
  3. Welding procedures: AS/NZS 1554.1 (HERA Technical Guide-03:2021)
  4. Stud welding standard: AS 1554.2 (HERA Technical Guide-04:2021)


Welding Centre Reports

  1. R8-29: Characterisation of the New Zealand welding industry (2010)
  2. R8-40: HERA Guide to AS/NZS ISO 9606.1:2017 (2020)
  3. R8-41: HERA Guide to shielding gases for seismic welds (2020)
  4. R8-43: The use of effective full penetration of T-butt welds in welded moment connections

Industry Research Reports

  1. R5-89: Steel Recycling Report
  2. R5-91: The potential business and economic benefits of Construction 4.0 in New Zealand – a literature review.
  3. R5-92: Modelling the potential economic impacts of Construction 4.0 in New Zealand.
  4. R5-93: HERA’s role in progressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  5. R5-94: Understanding Construction 4.0 – A comprehensive review of narrow and broad perspective
  6. R5-95: Public governance in the context of Construction 4.0 – A systematic and comprehensive literature review