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Created by metalheads for metalheads – join us for practical conversations that get to the nuts and bolts of the metals industry here in New Zealand. Connect with leaders & experts from across the globe who talk overcoming key industry challenges, and influencers who cast their eyes to the future. Perfect if you’re time poor but want to keep your finger on the pulse. Prepare to be challenged, informed & inspired!

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21 August, 2019

How to speak LSF.

A conversation with Treasury Deputy Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser, Tim Ng

Episode 15 | We talk with Tim Ng – Deputy Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser for Treasury.

Together, we discuss the Governments Living Standards Framework – or LSF for short. A newly developed and broader way of looking at things which has been used to help Government decide it’s five Wellbeing Budget priorities.

Most importantly we relate it back to NZ’s metals industry, and why we should care.


More about Tim

Tim Ng is a  macroeconomist by training, and an expert in the area of monetary, fiscal and financial system policy.   He’s been with the Treasury for a number of years, but has also worked for the Reserve Bank and as an economist at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Want to know more about the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework?

Head to their website: www.treasury.govt.nz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nztreasury

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nztreasury/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/new-zealand-treasury


24 July, 2019

Focuses for our Welding Centres FY20 research

A conversation with HERA’s General Manager Welding Centre, Michail Karpenko.

Episode 13 | We talk with our General Manager Welding Centre on what research projects his team will be focused on to assist our membership in the New Zealand metals-based industry.

We discuss the Welding Research Panel, who is represented on it, and how they were able to choose the projects to focus on for industry, as well as the projects themselves:

  • seismic research program,
  • advanced design capability program,
  • performance of coastal weathering steels,
  • national register for certified welders,
  • training and international visitors planned,
  • engagement program with SMEs,
  • the Innovation Centre initiative,
  • Automation and Defence clusters, and
  • our future vision for the Welding Centre team.

This podcast is part of our commitment to provide greater transparency and visibility of the R&D focuses we have.


Did you know that HERA members can propose projects for HERA to work on?

Find out more details on the process and how you can tell us about problems you’d like solved through R&D:



Demystify our research levy and how all of industry can leverage it (including SMEs):




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