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Created by metalheads for metalheads – join us for practical conversations that get to the nuts and bolts of the metals industry here in New Zealand. Connect with leaders & experts from across the globe who talk overcoming key industry challenges, and influencers who cast their eyes to the future. Perfect if you’re time poor but want to keep your finger on the pulse. Prepare to be challenged, informed & inspired!

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17 April, 2019

Addressing the skills gap through diversity.

A conversation with Norman Disney & Young Hydraulic Engineer, Byron Konia


Maori Education Trust General Manager Evelyn Newman

Episode 4 | We talk with Maori Hydraulic Engineer at Norman Disney & Young, Byron Konia. We discuss what our metals industry can do to better facilitate Maori engagement with engineering – and why that’s so important for us to do in terms of extending our industry capacity to become more diverse and attractive to work in.

We also speak candidly with Maori Education Trust General Manager Evelyn Newman to understand why scholarships are essential in assisting students in their career pathway and the difference such opportunities make.

Connect with Byron:



Connect with Evelyn:



Know someone that might benefit from HERA’s Whanake Scholarship? Find out more here:


Applications must reach the Māori Education Trust by 4.30 pm, Friday, 26 Paenga-whāwhā (April) 2019.


27 March, 2019

The future of manufacturing in New Zealand.

A conversation with Industrial Transformationalist Professor Goran Roos

Episode 3 | We talk with Professor Goran Roos about the potential of the manufacturing industry to transform the New Zealand economy. We discuss the role of manufacturing in raising living standards, challenge common perceptions of the manufacturing industry and talk about the threats and benefits of new technologies.

Professor Göran Roos is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). He has been a member of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Leaders Group and held academic appointments at Nanyang Technological University, University of Adelaide and the University of Technology Sydney. Göran is the author and co-author of over three hundred books, book chapters, papers and articles specialising in strategy, innovation management, research policy and intellectual capital.

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Consider attending MaD2019: Future proofing NZ’s manufacturing & design economy, to hear more from Göran




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