The cost-effective design of steel structures depends on the selection of the connections and weld details that are easy to fabricate.

The research performed at HERA and University of Auckland showed that for many connections, the full-strength butt welds (CPBWs) can be replaced by more economical weld type referred to as the effective full penetration butt weld” (EFPBW).

The proposed EFPBW has originated from the concept of the effective full penetration of T-butt welds to EN 1993-1-8 that has been modified to suit seismic applications and the real production situation

The EFPBW has performance equivalent to that of the CPBW, while being significantly lower cost to fabricate. It allows for the welds specified as the CPBW to be replaced by EFPBW following the procedure outlined in HERA report R8-043.

The recommendations are based on the seismic tests and the underlying modelling and ongoing research at HERA, the University of Auckland and University of Michigan, USA.

The selection of the equivalent EFPBW is based on the plate thickness. It follows an easy-to-use table that includes the joint preparation required and the weld size.

These webinars are intended to introduce new released HERA report R8-043 to the engineers and fabricators and give them guidance on how to specify and implement the EFPBWs.

The training will be offered in two webinars. The webinar for the design Engineers will focus on the specification of the EFPBWs. The Fabricator’s webinar will also cover fabrication and quality management aspects.

The webinars will cover the following topics:

  1. Background of experimental testing and analysis.
  2. The use of EFPBWs in different connections including MRFs to NZS 3404.
  3. How to specify and implement EFPBWs.
  4. Fabrication and quality management.
  5. NDT and inspection.

Who should attend?

Design Engineers, Project Engineers, Construction Reviewers, Steel Fabricators.

This course will be especially relevant to:

Steel construction, site erection, infrastructure fabrication and maintenance, Design Engineers

On the completion of the webinar, attendees will be able to specify and implement more economical weld details for the structural steel connections following recommendations included in the HERA report.


Prof. Charles Clifton | University of Auckland

In 1983, Charles started the Structural Division of the New Zealand Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA). The outputs from all his research work have been presented to the consulting engineering profession; used in design guides, and into new and revised Standards and codes of practice. In 2008, he joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, university of Auckland, and he is working as an Associate Professor at UoA now.

Charles will present in the Design Engineer’s webinar.

Dr. Michail Karpenko | HERA GM Welding Centre

Michail holds a Mechanical & Welding Engineering degree and is an International Welding Engineer with experience in various research and industry projects in the field of welding technology in Germany and New Zealand.  His research and professional interest cuts across a broad spectrum of design, analysis, and manufacturing. In particular, the design of welded joints for seismic and high cyclic fatigue applications, weldability, and corrosion performance of materials, quality control and smart manufacturing 4.0.


Hafez Taheri | HERA Research Engineer

Hafez was HERA Foundation Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipient for his PhD project with title “Seismic Evaluation of Welded Moment-resisting Connections”. HERA report R8-043 has been prepared based on his research about using EFPBWs for welded connections under seismic loads.


Alan McClintock | HERA Senior Welding Engineer

A qualified welder, Alan is also a welding supervisor and IIW Welding Inspector IWI-C, and an IIW Welding Technologist. He has considerable experience with New Zealand and Australia welding related structural standards and related quality control procedures. Alan is a lead auditor for Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) Scheme.

Alan will present in the Fabricators webinar.


Volkan Yakut | HERA Senior Welding Engineer

Volkan is an IIW International Welding Engineer with expertise in the field of defence, shipbuilding, and oil and gas. He holds Level 3 NDT qualifications for UT and Level 2 qualifications for RT, MPI, PT and VT. He is also a lead auditor for Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) Scheme.

Volkan will present in the Fabricators webinar.

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Specifying cost effective new weld details for steel connections


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