One organisation structure – wearing many hats.

HERA was born out of a necessity to help our industry navigate its way through a testing industrial environment in the late 70’s.  And today, still continues this structure and approach as we come face to face with new challenges and disruptions.

Our small team of researchers and key personnel aim to deliver a wide spectrum of research and development support for our members. Working closely with universities and organisations to keep our members one step ahead.

But with so many areas to cover, ensuring we meet your expectations can be tough.  Particularly within the bounds of the Levy Act we’re funded by. That’s why we’ve created a unique structure to operate under.  So we can better connect to the key sectors of our industry and deliver the help you need.

Our governance

We’re able to deliver value through income generated from several sources.  But of most significance is the industry contribution we receive through the Heavy Engineering Research Levy Act 1978. Obtained through the sale of steel and welding consumables throughout New Zealand.

This levy is specifically given for the purpose of promoting and conducting research and other scientific work related to our heavy engineering industry.  And as a result governs us to place research and development as our organisations key focus.

Through this levy we facilitate research that drives our industry forward, advances technology and techniques and provides valuable resources to better inform our members.

In an effort to address this, we committed ourselves to finding the right balance for our members. Taking steps to form strong partnerships and in some cases separate entities to better serve your needs falling beyond the scope of what we’re able to do.

This move now ensures you always have support – no matter what part of the journey you’re on.


Heavy Engineering Research Levy Act 1978


Read the updated HERA Constitution here.