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The HERA Foundation is our charitable trust. Focused on the promotion of the study and understanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in engineering.


HERA Foundation is able to drive metal based engineering research and career growth through income obtained from HERA House earnings. As well as through the support of an endowment fund created in 2005/06 that receives donations offered in support of the Foundations key objectives.

The majority of our grants are awarded to scholarships, where we are currently supporting the following core research programs:

Supporting professional development

We back professional development within our industry.  Connecting with international expertise in a bid to keep New Zealand engineers on the forefront of technical advances. We achieve this by supporting key career development platforms such as seminars and workshops throughout New Zealand.  Allowing engineers to actively seek a stronger technical core to help them win and deliver work more effectively.

Throughout the year we also promote metals-based engineering as a career – sponsoring events that recognise up and coming students such as HERA’s Final Year Project and the BRANZ ArchEngBuild Workshop.


Acknowledging success

A part of this story is recognising excellence within our industry as we work to build a strong technical culture.

Contributing to events such as the IPENZ New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards by sponsoring the William Pickering Award for Engineering Leadership.  As well as the Metals Industry Conference Industry Awards with our Keith Smith Memorial Award which recognises those who make serve our industry well.

Donate today!

Our Foundation relies on the generosity of our industry and the support of our board – and we’d like to thank those who’ve been a part of our journey.  But we also would like to remind you that there is still an opportunity to make a real difference.

A small donation can immediately have an impact on the future of our workforce and ability to share and foster expertise.  Because, if our industry isn’t willing to support itself, who will?

Recognised as a charitable organisation under the Charities Act 2005 | Registration number CC23617, we use your gift across the fields of metals engineering – and can at request, apply this to a specific scholarship, award or project of your choice.

Don’t wait to donate – make a living donation today.  Not only will you be able to see the positive difference your contribution can make, but you’ll also benefit from tax rebates given by supporting a charitable trust.

Please contact HERA Foundation at to find out more.




HERA Foundation Chair | Joint Managing Director, Hydraulink Fluid Connectors